La Barbe French Restaurant Reigate, Surrey: Wine List, Loire
Vins de la Loire



(36) Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine sur Lie (2015)

Appellation Muscadet Controlée.Mis Pierre Luneau-Papin(12%)

Wonderful nose and a smooth buttery palate with good concentration. Domaine du verger is rich with soft elegance. The production is largely organic.

Recommended with: Mussels, Scallops & Hake.


(37) Cheverny Blanc, Dom. du Salvard (2015)

Appellation Cheverny Controlée. Mis M. Delaille (13%)

Made from 90% Sauvignon blanc and 10% Chardonnay with intense gooseberry crispness. The nose is full and fruity with elderflower and blackcurrant bud aromas and the creaminess of the chardonnay fills out the palate providing weight and structure.

Recommended with: Snails, Crayfish & Asparagus


(39) Quincy Haute Victoire (2015)

Appellation Quincy Controlée. Mis H. Bourgeois (12,5%)

Quincy wine are said to be softer than those from neighbouring Sancerre. Elegant Sauvignon showing delicate notes of citrus fruits and sweet geranium. fresh and crisp on the palate but simultaneously round and well balanced.

Recommended with: Salmon, Chicken and Scallops.


(40) Anjou Blanc Clos des Treilles (2015)

Appellation Anjou Blanc Controlée.Mis Nicolas Reau (11,5%)

This Chenin blanc represents the unique terroir of Anjou and displays an Incredible minerality, backed up by bags of fresh fruit, the natural flavours of which are allowed to shine through thanks to minimal intervention.

Recommended with: Leek quiche, smoked Salmon & Pork


(41) Chinon (2015)

Appellation Chinon Controlée. Mis J-M Raffault (12.5%)

This elegant Cabernet Franc is very aromatic and is noted for its unique character with a bouquet of violets, followed by lush and supple dark berry and cherry fruit. The wine is fresh, round and mature.

Recommended with: Quail & Veal


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