La Barbe French Restaurant Reigate, Surrey: Wine List, Alsace
Vins d'Alsace



(42) Pinot Blanc Réserve (2014)

Appellation Pinot Blanc d'Alsace Controlée. Mis A Seltz (12%)

Off dry creamy white wine, delicately musky, with a fullness of body in unison with its seductive aromatic richness.

Recommended with: Asparagus, Mussels & Carp


(43) Riesling Reserve (2014)

Appellation Riesling Contrôlée. Mis A. Seltz (12.5%)

On the nose, hints of citrus fruit, red apple and pear. On the palate, concentrated and intense with a compact minerality. The finish is crisp.

Recommended with: Seabass, Snails & Sweetbreads


(44) Gewürztraminer Reserve (2013)

Appellation Gewurztraminer Controlée. Mis A. Seltz (13%)

Marvellous white wine, with a sweet spiciness and very perfume.Very distinctive with floral undertone and grapefruit aroma.

Recommended with: Scallops & Leek tart


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