French Restaurant Reigate, Restaurant Redhill, Surrey: La Barbe
traditional french restaurant reigate

Wine Connoisseur’s Quiz

Test your knowledge with our fun quiz.  When all the answers are correct you win £10; please complete your contact details to receive your £10 voucher to be deducted from your bill next time you visit La Barbe.


Please Note: Voucher is valid from Sunday to Thursday for 2 weeks from the date of your entry

  • 1. Fun Tasting. You intend to organise a fun wine tasting between friends. To do it correctly there will be no cigarettes and tasting glasses will be “de rigueur”. In an ideal world what time would you start the tasting?
    1. Early morning
    2. Just before lunch, 11am or so
    3. After the evening aperitif
    4. At the end of the evening, after dinner
  • 2. Can you taste accurately after coffee?
    1. Yes, coffee brings interesting flavours to the palate
    2. No, coffee splits the palate
  • 3. Wine & Cheese. You invite a few gourmet friends very keen on cheese. On your tray you have a selection of Bleu d’Auvergne, Etorki and Langres. Which wine would you choose?
    1. Red Burgundy
    2. Dry White Burgundy
    3. Sweet Jurancon
    4. Champagne

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