French Restaurant Reigate, Restaurant Redhill, Surrey: La Barbe
traditional french restaurant reigate

Questions and Answers to last season's competition


La Barbe Spring 2017 Competition

A meal for two, including Kir La Barbe, One bottle of House wine and Coffee




The Winner of the Spring Competition is Mrs Sarah Russell of Epsom



1. What is another name of the Papaya or the Tree Melon?
b/ Paw Paw V

2. Which chef is credited with inventing more dishes than anyone else?
a/ Auguste Escoffier V

3. An anchovy is a member of which family of fish?
a/ Herring V

4. Which spice is made from the pods of the shrub of the nightshade family?
a/ Paprika V

5. What is the grated rind of a citrus fruit also known as?
a/ Zest V

6. Which country is the world largest producer of cheese?
c/ United States V



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