French Restaurant Reigate, Restaurant Redhill, Surrey: La Barbe
traditional french restaurant reigate

Questions and Answers to last season's competition


La Barbe Winter 2017 Competition

A meal for two, including Kir La Barbe, One bottle of House wine and Coffee




The Winner of the Winter Competition is Sheila Stone of Reigate


A/ The main ingredient of Oeuf Meurette is an egg. What are the other 3 main ingredients?

2/ Bacon, onions, mushrooms and red wine V


B/ Le Ttoro is a fish soup from which region?

2/ Basque region V


C/ La truffade is a dish from Auvergne made with what?

2/ Potato, cheese and Bacon V


D/ “Cervelle de Canut” is a white cheese speciality. Where is it from?

3/ Lyon V


E/ What is the main meat ingredient in Garbure Bearnaise?

1/ Pork V


F/ Vacherin is the name for 3 different cheeses and another speciality, which one?

1/ Cake V




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